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As And When Support


IT Support From As Low As £20

For companies who need high quality IT support as and when it is needed, our on demand package provides all of this without the hassle of a commitment to an ongoing contract. This truly gives you the perfect solution without compromising on quality.

Without a monthly fee to worry about, you only have to ever pay for the support that you receive. With either our remote or telephone based solutions, our expert team always take the time to understand your systems before running any diagnostics. Taking the time to perform this simple but often overlooked step allows our team to be able to work to the specific structures required, which gives us the basis to fix any problems in a far more efficient manner than other IT support providers.

Using our innovative pay as you go option, all that you are required to do is to get in touch with us by phone or email when you come across any issues and our expert IT technical team will be happy to help. Depending on your preferences and availability, we will either walk you through a solution over the phone or securely connect into your machine remotely to solve the problem. You would then only have to pay for the time that you have used with our team, which is billed in blocks of half an hour. This means that you can get expert IT support and your issues resolved from as little as £20 per half our slots.

You are only ever billed for the time that you actually use with us
You can get in contact with an IT technician immediately
We provide flexible availability to book telephone appointments at a time to suit you
Instant solutions available over the telephone
Secure connection into your machine to solve the issues for you

How To Get Support

To find out more about our outstanding value packages, simply call us on 07834 230 572 where one of our team will be happy to discuss how we can help you. Or if you need more information just compete the contact form. This package is perfect for businesses who only need occasional support. If ongoing support is required, many businesses take advantage of our great value fixed monthly cost Telephone & Remote or our full IT support package.