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Webserve Providing Hosting In The UK

Is Hosting In The UK Important?

cheap hosting in the ukHosting in the country you are targeting customers is important. Website loading speed and optimisation is just as important too. Google looks at both of these factors when it ranks your website. Hosting in the UK with a .com domain name tells Google that your target audience is in the UK. This will rank you above a .com that’s hosted in another country. The ping speed from a UK computer to a website hosted in the UK is much quicker than if the website was hosted in another country like the US. If you would like to know more about this please use the contact form to ask any questions. There is also more information available on this subject here.

What is web hosting?

All the files including your website images and the articles you post on the site need to be located somewhere on the internet. Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t actually use their own in-house computers to store the files that make up the website.

There are a number of reasons for this but one important factor is security. Exposing any computer to the internet increases the risk of it being the target of computer hackers. Even if you have your own in-house web designer they will be expected to use off-site storage of your critical data. So locating, or hosting as it’s technically called, the files with a third party business that specialises in all things internet is recommended.

They will have experience in cyber security so you can sleep safely at night, confident that your website is not going to be hacked. Most web hosting businesses will also have routine backup procedures to ensure that your website data is safe and secure. The other important feature offered by web hosting businesses is 100% uptime. They have generators and even backup generators to cope with any disruption to the electrical supply. Customers would be less than inspired if your website was not available when Google recommended your business to them.

So which web hosting business should you choose?

An online search will bring up a myriad of different companies and they could be located anywhere in the world. All businesses have financial budgets and quite often the goods and services they select will simply be the cheapest available. So is picking the cheapest web hosting business, right?

No, certainly not. Even if you have checked out their credentials and they can genuinely provide the services they show on their flashy website there are other issues to consider. The cheapest web hosting businesses might be located halfway around the world. You might think that’s not important in this modern digital age but you would be wrong.

You need to consider where your target audience is based. If the majority of your clients are expected to be in the UK then you should be looking for a business offering hosting in the UK. Your location is far less important than that of your clients when it comes to choosing the country where you host your website. Normally your business will be in the same country as the majority of your clients. However, if you are looking for BitCoin investors in the UK, for example, then you could be based in any country you wish.

Why Should I Hosting In The UK

There are two main reasons for choosing a hosting company located where your client’s area rather than specifically local to your business. Firstly the time it takes your website to load on your clients’ web browser will be much quicker if you are hosting in the UK and they are also located in the UK. Even though the difference might only be a fraction of a second between accessing a website in your own country compared with one overseas your clients will notice a difference. Page loading times are also a factor when it comes to your position or rank determined by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Need more advice? Then contact us by using our contact page.

Do I Need To Be On The First Page?

You have probably been told how important it is to be on the first page of Google for your chosen niche. The difference between being on page one compared with page two can make a massive difference to the number of visitors to your website. Google uses a very complex algorithm to establish your position in relation to the thousands of web pages you are competing against for customers. If your page loading times are slightly longer than one of your competitors because you didn’t opt for hosting in the UK it could be just enough to push you off the front page.

Nobody, not even most of the employees at Google, understand all the aspects of the ranking algorithm and it is changed from time to time but page loading times certainly comes into play. It’s not just Google that takes page loading times into account. All the major search engines do but Google is the de facto site for users in the UK when they begin their search for the products and services you are offering.

So, in summary, web hosting in the UK is an important factor to any business that is looking to attract more customers specifically from the UK. It is false economy to simply select the cheapest, hosting company and doing so could result in far fewer visitors to your site.