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Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking Is A Reliable Means Of Communication

What is a Wireless Networking?

wireless networking northwestNetworking is a global phenomenon that has transformed the world of communication in a great way, and one of its components is the Wireless Network. This is a common term for most of you but to help others understand. We can say that Wireless Networking is a technology used in communication that uses radio waves and signal frequencies to connect devices and gadgets such as the phones, laptops, and PCs to the internet and also connecting devices of business and applications so that they can transmit data. It is a modern technology that does not rely on cables like the traditional wired networks. Wireless Network is widely used in businesses and homes. A good example is a situation whereby you connect your phone or laptop to a WiFi hotspot in schools, hotels, airports, restaurants or any other public place; then you are connecting to that organization or enterprise wireless network.

How fast is a Wireless Network?

Wireless networking usually performs on 802.11b networks which can perform at speed around 5.5 Mbps, 802.11a, and 802.11g networks that can run at speeds and rates of rates at 300 Mbps. Efforts continue to improve the speeds of wireless networks as it is the most used type of network around the world. It is easier to connect to the wireless network anywhere as you do not need to use any cables as in Ethernet networks. However wireless networks improve as you go near the broadband routers.

What affects the Wireless strength

Outdated Technology

Some of the earliest technologies are slow causing slow data speeds, insufficient range, and choppy signals. The best move is to adopt the latest technologies as you will rectify most of the situations mentioned above. Thick walls and lead piping can hinder signals to penetrate.

Wireless Standards

The earlier technologies like the 802.11b could only reach maximum speeds of 22 Mbps. The needs such as uploading and downloading large files and innovations have to lead to the development of faster technologies such as the super-fast 802.11ac wireless standard which reach the speeds of 3,200 Mbps.

Updating a Router

Wireless technologies change every day while internet service providers update their routers and software to improve efficiency. Therefore users need to buy new routers when their service providers provide new ones. One thing to note is that they need to update the whole system as using a new router with old protocols won’t change anything. A router is as fast as its internet service, and the internet service is only as fast as its router.


Routers transmitting wireless networks are made with a limited range. Devices placed at the furthest edges often experience weak signals. The latest routers use the 802.11ac standard which offers the best connectivity and therefore ideal for home and businesses. A better option is to move your devices connecting to the routers as near as possible.


A wireless network has a finite amount of bandwidth, and if many applications and devices are connecting to the device, they usually compete for the bandwidth which usually causes slow data speeds and poor performance. Current routers offer dual-band or tri-band technology which spreads the workload through multiple channels. Therefore, the more users you have on the same network, the more bandwidth you require.

The types of wireless networks

The LAN which connects several devices by the means wireless modulation method, it provides a network connection via established access points to the wider Internet and provided by a network provider.

The Wireless MAN. It usually links several wireless LANs through an established network to share data, sometimes between organizations

The Wireless WAN. This type of wireless network covers a large area such as neighboring local towns and between cities.

The Wireless (PAN. This is another type of wireless network that interconnects communication devices within a short range; it is usually a private wireless network used by a few devices.

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Finding a Wi-fi network service provider

If you live in and require Wireless network provider, then you can contact Wireless Network Halton who provides communication adapters which facilitates stand-alone cabin units which support connection to a network. This system has several advantages in saving power through regulation. The network allows the user to monitor, control and regulate indoor climate while reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot a network. Wireless networks have become popular and used almost everywhere because of its efficiency and many advantages, and therefore firms like Wireless Network Halton are doing their best to provide quality and reliable wireless network connections.